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Ilona D. Veresk is a fashion & fine art photographer who currently resides in Moscow. Born in 1993, she grew up in Izhevsk (Small city of Russia), where she finished the Art-Aesthetic lyceum. When she was 18 years old she moved to Moscow. She started her path in visual artistry from photo manipulations and painting. Finally, she was influenced in photography as the best ways to realize her ideas: "Photography combines my warm love to all visual and handmade". The most popular themes in her work are Russian and Slavic folklore, the irony, psychology, self-cognition, self-identity, exploration of materials and physical phenomenons, combining styles and epochs, interpretations of global trends, intentionality. She makes a claim about herself on personal exhibition in Moscow in November 2015.

Ilona: "Informational silence! This is the thing I'm trying to reach in my artworks. Every day, minute, second the modern person has surrounded by the cocoon of brands and news. Even if you want to buy ketchup, you will have to look at tomato fields, and read the stories full of pathos about "our tomatoes are the most red-ripest". I don't want to glorify redness and Pantone of tomatoes in my art. I'm about the harmony of coexistence of a human, nature, and consciousness. A utopia after tomato apocalypse."

Currently involved in a commercial activity like art, fashion and advertising photographer. Ilona works as an art director and a producer of her own surreal fairy tales, she works by herself with light, pre- and post-production. Sometimes she makes clothes and accessories for personal art projects. Ilona has also been fortunate enough to receive a number of sponsorships and accolades; Broncolor and Wacom. Content collaboration with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd and Adobe Stock Premium. Client list including Buccellati, MAC, Rimmel London, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and other. Own advanced and basic education programs for British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow State University, Academy Of Photography, Re:store academy. Recently she is also writing photography and retouch themed articles for Broncolor GenNext and her personal blog

Bron_elektronik Broncolor_GenNext Wacom technologies co. ltd. Exclusive Adobe Premium stock contributor Wacom Co., ltd. Wacom: Create more featured author


As artist: Recreational Enterprises (NYC), featured author on Artsy and Saatchiart

As Adobe Premium Stock contributor (int.)

As advertising photographer: Fundamental agency (Moscow), Sfera production (Milano)

Lecturing portfolio

Own advanced training professional programs, focused on analysis and understanding of modern industry, visual communications, developement of artistic vision, photo production, commercial photography, creativity developement

2018 - now: BHSAD (British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow) - Production, communications

2018: MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) - Production

2017: Broncolor blog. Understanding light multiple articles.

2017: Re:Store academy - Basic retouch

2017- 2019: Academy of photography in Moscow. Fashion, beauty and advertising photography and production

2017: Wacom blog articles, retouch and photo-manipulations

2019: International online school / soon!


2020: Upcoming: Valletta, Malta in February/March

2018: Above only art. Moscow, MIBC, Federation tower

2017: Pannonia reflections, Lendava, Slovenia

2016: VIPA 2016, Bulgaria, Sofia

2017: Best of Russia 2016, Moscow

2015: Solo exhibition "Victims". Moscow

Awards, Jury lists

2019: Malta International Photo Award winner, technology category

2017: Broncolor ambassador and GenNext 2017 winner

2018: Jury member: World's TOP 10 Fashion photographers 2018

2018: HIPA international photography award nominee

2018: ND awards honorable mention

2017: FAPA professional nominee (fashion category)

2016: VIPA photographer of the year (Fashion category)

2016: IPA - Silver (Fashion category), Bronze (Fine Art category), FIAP honorable mention

2016: Grand prix "Kavyar fashion & beauty photography award"

Publications: Numero, Cosmopolitan, Virtuogenix, Elle, Allure, Vim, Aeroflot magazines, Peopletalk, Kaltblut. Multiple publications in European and American independent press

Media & celebrity: Polina Goudieva, Олимпия (Little Big), Монеточка, Сати Казанова, Анна Андрусенко, Юлия Мельникова, Павел Трубинер, Инна Цимбалюк, Альберта Берлин, Касьян Светлана, Анна Шафран, MakSim (Марина Максимова), Татьяна Котова, Екатерина Астахова, Кар-мен, Марта Носова, Юлия Паршута, Кристина Кретова, Малена Маяковская, Арина Данилова, Катя Адушкина, Алиса Кожикина and more

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